Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


eunuch lover

i’m sieged
with much devotion
to him i love…
with such new portrait;
the eye bugs horrify
the eyebrows white shocks
the clanging teeth
all, all these
keep my memories aglow!

his warm hands
clasp my hands
with much cares
more love more love
that secures my being
makes me seemed
like the ancient
City off Romulus…
the only one loved!

when i see your portrait
your works your arts
i still see the youth
like a bee in thirst
of lilac lazuli nectar
O’ i moan
how i moan
moments come back
those exotic intoxication!

Note: this new poem shall be recited live on 20 july 2020!


love suddenness

it was sunset
i was fascinated
by your angled art
and next to it
your selfie…
your eyes devour
touch my desire
inhabit moi
to get near you…
siege tint of your smell
a dare impulse
a huge risk
to taste
your moistened lips…
we are two lenses
searching scenes
ravishing the vision!


Series # 42 Why?

there are moments
when my quiescent soul
would burst in to
some kind of cathexis.. .
weary, point of anxiety, restlessness, boredom…
and wants to just rest!’

__ade c. a.k.a. Maelan Koia Sydney 2017 (first posted),



my world my world has faded:
the bushy foliages
the lilac lapis lazuli
the brilliant crystalline streams
the laughing mountain
the teasing blue skies
the melting heat of the sun
the exotica moonlight
the twinkling little stars
the dancing trees…
all, all are timidly in hiding
have i lost my mind
or am i short of vision
that my time and space
now seems to be
a theatrical dome
all i see are faceless people
masked with muds.

__ade c.
sydney australia

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