THE MARTYR (To you with all love and sincerity) / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
(To you with all love and sincerity)
Too many obstructions invade you and infiltrate your heart
Various voices stream through your arteries
All the stars glittering in the sky
The high peaks of Galilee mountains
The palm and vine trees of Palestine
Sing in the lips of ‘figs and olives’
Too many generations live in your wound
Too many generations live on the memory of your name
Oh rose bud of redemption
Oh wedding of martyrs and martyrdom
Oh beloved of God and all prophets
You’re the title of hope and dignity
You’re the pride of people seeking freedom
And the salvation of nations loving peace
Oh laurel wreath of bravery
Oh symbol of splendor and glory
Oh the real love, altruism and sacrifice
you’re the purity, virtue and honor
You’re a dream adored by adolescents and youths
And a high example soaring in the sky
You’re whom all hearts seek after
Turn to be blessed by your innocent look
And step quickly to approach and embrace
Thousands of breasts crave to you
Proudly mention your name
Their hearts beat with regret and sorrow
And overwhelms you with love, sympathy and kindness
You!! Who’re you?
Who dares to ask such question?
You’ re a song that all people’s tongues sing
You, only you, no one except you
You were attacking bravely and never escaped
And with you glory was ascending to Heaven
Thousands of kisses on your cheeks
Thousands of smiles to your spirit
Thousands of warm whisper in your ears
Mercy on your soul
No, no, thousands of mercies on your soul.
Note: Galilee is the north part of occupied Palestine where Mirun mountain faces the heaven.

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