Enertin Dheskali (Albania)

Enertin Dheskali (Albania)

Enertin Dhiskali was born on March 31, 1976 in the city of Fier, Albania. First, he graduated at the “Perikli Ikonomi” gymnasium in 1994, and then in 2001, he learnt at Tirana University. He majored in Language and Literature, with very high scores (averaging over 9.5). Also in 2006, he did the two years -post university degree program for Foreign Literature and Aesthetics. He Graduated the PhD School in Albanian Literature and Aesthetics profile, and got another Masters Degree at “UFO” University, “Administrative Science”. After, he completed his studies and graduated, he has been working as an external lecturer at the University of Vlora, teaching Foreign Literature, Standard English and Aesthetics courses. He also handled the field of journalism, where he worked as editor-in-chief and director of local television “Apollon”. He is well acquainted with several foreign languages, certified with a maximum grade at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University. So far he has published three poetic works, titled “Gjurmë zemre nëpër kohë”(Heartbeats Through Time),” Përtej ëndrrave dhe përjetësisë”,(Beyond Dreams and Eternity,)” and “Gjak në kozmos” (Blood in the Cosmos.).
I am your gaze
I am not an unravelled dream,
Even though you search for me in the darkness,
Along the shores of your rough dreams
Whenever anguish tightens up your frozen soul.
I an not an unravelled dream,
I am the blood that heats up your veins,
With the hot lava of the wild love.
I am the imprisoned voice
That calls your name in your thoughts,
The verse that cries through pentagrams,
Just like the sleeping songs,
Besides Orfeo’s grave
Overflown with pain.
I am not an unravelled dream,
I am your gaze
Upon the stones of time
That howls through myths.
I am the teardrop on the eye of the truth,
The body and the soul.
I am the breeze of the waves in the seas,
I am the slave of the heart that makes you a god,
I am the inspiration that turns you into a poet.
Night pain
Over the table lies a sigh
That empties my shot glass,
Arab tunes cry about the war
In the tv screen lost in flowers.
In my notebook
The night wrote some more verses
About life,
While I snuggle in my dreams,
You sleep face down,
Without a pillow under your head,
Your hand thrown on top of the light stand,
And a burden of thoughts over your back.
I love you and I suffer,
Shot glasses I empty
And sad tears I spill over the table.
So much silence…
You can hush my dear friend,
Sometimes silence speaks even more,
But don’t forget, the pain you’re causing me,
As you let me fade away, sleepless.
And so, inside me silence nests
And sad tears hangs on my eyelashes,
And my soul gets flooded in doubts,
By the waves of feelings on the way of return.
Sly silence what do you intend to say,
With these screaming lifeless gazes,
In which crevice you lost your dreams,
Where did the star of your feelings fade?!
Fragile you wander about,
Lost in hurtful endless lust,
Flower fragrances that awake sleepiness,
Sleep that rocks the dreams of death.
So far and near, like a bird of eternity,
Fluttering the fragile wings on my face,
I fear the wind of time might hurt you
And in the whirlpool of pain, in the abyss of the sky you’ll fall.
Today I have no more tears on my wet eyes,
Only the salt of the memories got left behind,
To the purgatory they sent my thirsty heart,
In the river of fire my unlucky heart fell.
Oh, lord, how much silence
This lightening of feelings on my soul brought,
During these noisy days it crucified me,
Bled my heart, like a Christ.

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