Tian Yu (China)

Tian Yu (China)
Tian Yu, born in 1994 in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Tai’an Writers Association, member of Chinese Ancient Poetry Society, director of CCTV’s “Smart China” column group, member of American Chinese Poetry Association, researcher of the International Society of Archaeology and Historical Linguistics, director, an interview with Chinese poets in Serbia’s Alia Mundi magazine.His works had been published in many foreign newspapers and magazines such as “Poetry”, “Writer’s Newspaper” and “Chinese Literature”, and had been translated into many languages. Won the second prize of Wen Yiduo Poetry Competition in 2018; won the Italian “FRANG BARDHI” poet medal and BPPW gold word award; won the Latin American Literature Excellence Award in 2019; won the American Poetry Award in 2019 Won the bronze medal of the French poetry and song “Bena” in 2019; won the silver medal of the American Pegasus Poetry Award in 2019, and the top ten new poets in Chinese poetry Spring Festival Gala in 2020. The poetry collection “Firefly” and other books had been published by the International Culture Publishing Company.
Don’t diss me plz,
This silence is coming,
And my mood becomes to be virid.
The elegant myth.
Oh my sorrows will ready to roll?
I don’t want to be a poor fish.
Every summer day,
My heart will always in obvious dreams.
I love to avoid all the confusions,
Just to keep the curiosity.
Oh midnight,
You like a dignified beauty.
What my feelings of you had in deep already,
And I really really sure,
You’re my better lover indeed,
So plz don’t let me leave you away.
Be Happy My Friend
On a warm afternoon,
I picked up a cup of coffee,
My free heart was full of the spring.
Always thinking about something, that photographs like landscape paintings,
Let me have too much good feelings.
In today’s world,
Although there had been many disasters,
I always looked forward to the stars every day.
I always blv in that all the sad things,
Will only temporary obstacles,
I blv that once the sadness is gone,
It‘ll never appear in rings.
Life in now the world who hadn’t had a difficult time?
But you can get through it if you’re brave enough.
You needn’t have to cry to win all the time,
Be happy my friend,
Just show me your smiles,
Let your loneliness be changed in my eyes’ catching.
If I were the boat in the sea,
Are you willing to be the sail of my life,
Without any tears and beats?
I want to take all of my tenderest,
For this moment turns into that proudly blue in your heart and sees.
If it was you who pointed out the flowering season of the four seasons for me,
Then I would like to bloom loneliness and burn for you in much sweets.
I do think now that I should be the shadow of your loyalty,
Your departure is my wick,
The existence of extinction,
Cut in freely.

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