DUSKY TALES / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Dusk came coyly
riding on a wheelbarrow
brimming with flame coloured
Birds of paradise
My heart was laced and crocheted
With fronds of scarlet hues
Magnetic ultra sensuous rays
Came in a procession of passion
Should I dedicate this dream soaked evening
To the fragrant honey dew breath
of your poetry ?
Lupin , lavender , lilac,larkspur
hammered against the rib cage
Knocking at the portals of my heart
With a determined purple poise
Pansy , salvia , cineraria ,dianthus
Wanted to peck at my soul
The blood red rose craftily
kept sheathed its thorns of grief
I let it gouge my eyes out
For I wanted to evade the moon
How could I face the sobbing aura
of the silver salver shooting its arrows ?
Right into the secret nooks and crannies
That I kept hidden from the world ?
Dusk came coyly
Riding on a wheelbarrow ….
Copyright Lily Swarn 22.7.2016

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