Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas



all all all
i see hear smell touch taste
affects my heart
works my mind
influences my spirit
develops my passion
builds my personality
exposes my character

__ade c.
wednesday 8:48pm 22 july 2020
sydney australia



so engrossed
with my garden
seemed to mirror moi
mannerism habitation of plants…
some hate direct sunlights
too much water
or they decide to die
what they want
they must get!!!

fragile like a woman
pampers in tenderness
likes the constant
touch and dialogue
jealous envious
a narcissist
a lover who dies
when touched
by other hands!

if and when
death would call moi
stare closely
at a little
purple daisy
it will be moi
missing desiring
your touch your kisses
sensuous moi… silk petals!

__ade c.
thursday 8:18pm 23 july 2020
sydney australia

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