Poems by SWANSH

Poems by SWANSH


Crumbling Minarets

Standing high and aloft on the horizon
Talking to the clear and azure sky
The Minarets tell a story untold
A story of times that are gone by
A story of people who ruled
A story of people who rued
Each of the minarets a symbol
Of legacy of royalty of loyalty
Each minaret a stamp of power
From times ancient until their time
A saga of battles and betterment
Embedded with embattled blood and sweat
Of those who gave their lives
Of those artisans whose sweat
Became a glue to keep it intact
Yet time spares nothing
Nothing can withstand time
The race is futile at any cost
With time how many have we not seen
Around the world Crumbling minarets
The power the glory the sagas
All being decimated to dust and soil
The time and period to proclaim
Is short and they leave only few tastes
Either sweet or sour or bitter
Is there any other way to know?
In the now the tastes of indifference.


Anatomy of Choice

As I walk and walk and walk
The setting sun and rising moon
Flocks of birds heading back
Life returning back to roots

I find everything moving in a rhythm
Everything as if pre ordained
Yet there is a space to ponder
There is something to render

What is it and how do we know
If the above are just spontaneous
Or was there some deliberation
To draw a line between yes or no

If so how can I see the invisible line
Is it somewhere in the mind
Or is it somewhere in the heart
Or is it an intuitive instinct

Then suddenly I muster to spot
The thermostat of the intentions
Choice it is that makes the world go round
In a tizzy of good, bad, joys and happiness

Our very core responds to the impulses
Once we make a choice about something
We either spring to action
Or retire to inaction

Life looking with an askance
As I walk and walk and walk.


The Empty Moment

As I walk and walk and walk
My gaze falls to my movement
The sight gets stuck to the feet
And the foot prints that I create

Each foot print is created anew
And left behind like a fleeing moment
And then the thought occurs to me
Am I the only one juggling in the moments?

And I look around and find
Everything in sight moving
And juggling through the moments
Between the now and then and thence

In each moment the whole universe
Leaving its footprints and memories
And moving on to the next moment
To both feel and create a fresh magic

How wonderful is this creation?
What a magician is the creator?
He gives us nothing in practical
Yet bestows everything to Live

The joys the sorrows the pains
Struggles, elations and gratitude
What else do I need to walk
And cross the checkered flag

When I reach the zenith of life
Zenith because I don’t know
Whether I shall meet the muse
Or I shall still have to wait

And walk and walk and walk
In another life in another act
To gather strength and move
To fill even more empty moments.



Eyes are open amid storm of thoughts
Thoughts which have no limits
Which are lightening and unstable
The soul fights to grasp something
Yet before it could grasp one lead
There are thousands washed away
In a frantic bid to search the link
That sustains life
i walk and i walk and i walk
All these words that i type or speak
Have the miraculous power
Power either to create or to destroy
The semblance of calmness of nature
Is it not nature that showed
The path whenever it is sought?
For in nature did all mankind find solace
From times immemorial
What then is the link that sustains
Is it Thirst
For Knowledge
Or Hunger
For Achievements
Or simply
To BE and Become
Within the Seed’s realms
To sprout and and to grow
To embrace the essentials of life
Love, Care, Acceptance, Understanding
And Compassion, for which I am what
I am today
Weren’t these here before “I”?
In all of this, do i find a place for Impression
Then why did i name it as Impression
Laughing at the countless possibilities
And smiling at my craziness
i walk and i walk and i walk…


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