Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Salty Thoughts…

You before me
You drank poses
Within the alcohol

Me after you
Me heals bruises
Without any liquor

By salty thoughts
We lit moon light
To smoke sleepiness

What’s up next?
Map to pleasure
Cuddling eand kissing.


Let us Smoke Freedom…

Today is the illegal
Way to free ourselves
From Government rules,

Made from known slaves
Who count us as if we are
Numbers of dusty shelves.

Let us smoke freedom
Without a chosen leader
Nor a success ladder,

Look at yourself now
Smoking will not be a dateline
For a decision to tomorrow.

Roll your Marijuana
Inhale towards your lungs
Nothing you can but enjoy it,

Keep your hand high fiving
To all the highest and weakest
Dudes dancing by drunk smoke.


My Confuses

It is almost over the past
Tomorrow will start soon
Therefore, I decided to
Share my is confusing now

One time at my workplace
I asked a friendly client of
Her first name and she said
Sorry, it is personal to say it

I laughed and I started digging
Why some of us have drowned
Before it rained on Christmas lies
Nor it snowed on Halloween crimes

I thought so much for others
I missed who forgot my kindness
I loved who recalled my negativity
Yet, I feel that I am not alone

My father taught me to smile
While he was sweating like crazy
Believing in himself made him
A stronger man I have ever met

Twenty seven years and still feel
Young to many of the older people
I don’t understand why my mistakes
Were never a lesson, but more a sin

I look at myself in the mirror less
Then I should answer my confusing
About my life connected with love
And my world now more like a corpse

Eye closed another eye open bigger
One hides away from the daily sorrows
Other weep away from being powerless
And still can’t believe I am not blind

Some friends cried for my selfish misery
I told them to stop ’cause nobody will ever
Cry for them and that will be a death penalty
For myself to watch without thinking about them.

Will seven in the morning be a great time
To wake up on a new chapter of my life alone
Watching the sun rising up like a woman who
Was starting at me before she kissed me with

Two drops of roaster dark coffee and cheeks
Of my favorite red sweet apples and a hair
To hide me away from the sun rays and a lip
That will make my confuses knowledgeable.


Written in Love…

Written in love
Inspired by the price
Of blood to buy a moment

In the low season
Love may fail miserably
Even if when I need is love you

Running out of seeds
Before you go with decisions
To walk into betraying fully nude

I was mad about you
You were unexpected gift
Emotions were under construction

A dream not shareable
And a town of hopefulness
Then why I am stabbing my lucks

Touch me till you die nasty
Take me two times to inhale
My past and exhale my tears burning up

The unlikely kind of friends I had
They all found perfect matches
While I am still shivering to pull the trigger.



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