Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


Only If Task Is Completed

moi , being swift away
by infectious infectious
wailing whinging whinning
frog chorus
who demands
rain rain rain
and if unheard
come the vicious jumping
on dessert songs.

though i allow myself
be poison-gas through
the many years of my life
i never let anyone win over me
i know what i always wanted
i don’t fight, let them dig their hole
i slip away focused
on the Great Plan
be propelled to triumph.

each of us
all of us
are assigned a task
to be exerted to perfection
and i believe one dies only,
se il lavoro è completato
continue without fear
of death1

monday 8:14pm 24 april 2017
sydney nsw australia


My GOD, Even For A Few Moments

there are moments
when my awareness is just a jumble
of disconnected thoughts,
a disconcerted symphony
quasi a une
dazzling stylistic pirouettes
a porcelain doll
in her dull face
void of life.

O God
life can’t be just
making and filling
gathering and losing
throwing and catching
is life on earth
for such hectic impervious
time ticking?

My God
even for few moments
make the world
stand still
and let there be
laughter and dancing
singing kissing embracing
under a roof
of glittering gems!

monday 12:58pm 24 april 2017
sydney nsw australia



life on earth
is on principle of balance
good-evil… etc.

God created so
why are we trying
to go against it?
are we better
than God?
this human obsession
causes havocs
we want to change
the creations!!!

2017 sydney nsw australia

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