Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



I wish I were a tree.

It stands
Utterly alone
Looking at the stars
Rebuffing with wind
And playing with mist.

It beckons the horizons
Out of affection
It shares dreams
With pensive sky
Cajoling with clouds!

Leaves fall
The barks look gnarled
Brazen typhoon hits
Foggy nights clasp it.

But it stands in resolve
An an invincible epitome.

When fruits are ripe
Birds come to peck
But it clasps them on bosom
In caressing lap.

When it is empty
Monkeys swing
In rock and roll
And branches fall
But it has no remorse.

I never see it
Wearing a drapery of hypocrisy
Neither do I see it
In egoistical pride.

I don’t know
Why it stands so transfixed?
May be
It does not wish to fly
Or straddle on the ground
Like we mortals
Who wish to fly
In desires of whims
One moment after another !

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma
April 25, 2017



Beautiful morning rays
pierce through bush
as furtive as damsel
hiding in gown .

Wily wind is
playing trifle
and sparrows
nibble fleece
at the time
jocund clamors baffle.

and pensive hearts
get oozed
in the mesmerized rhythm.

Then benign whispers
from the sky
trickle down
as if splashing joy
in colorful decorum
poised bosom
of the lass
for the stars.



A river stretches
across the bank
shrinking and expanding
during summer and winter
like human fates.

But it passes
in hum
sharing dreams
with the indifferent rocks.

The stubborn rocks
hang on the wall
and watch the river
in scornful eyes
without knowing
what will be the fate
meted to them !

They don’t know
sooner or later
they will fall
in big bang
into the bottom.

But the the river would glide
in wistful songs
in its never ending
from the distant hills
to the sandy dunes.

When rocks
become boulders
and then sandy grains
they repent
on knowing
the harsh
reality they ever have
in their lives:
” The river is eternal
but ours fate is transitory. ”

The river prolongs
without pausing
to share her
sonorous songs
when rocks become
silting sand
lost onto oozing



When the elusive summer
the cloudy masses
begin to elevate
and twilight birds
dart in the woods
in jocund push.

Wilful moths
sprawl and gambol
over tulip flowers
to suck kernel
and summer drizzles
begin to fall
like woeful tales
of the sky.

Dreamy eyes
see the coy hills
in ecstatic joy
caressed by moist
and damp hearts
seem riding on horses
in distance
summer love
pouring onto grass
as if sprinkling gems
cloyed in mixture
like melting love!

Bam Dev Sharma
April 12,2017
Kathmandu, Nepal

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