Poems by Naheed Virk


Poems by Naheed Virk


Sodden Silence

Pale dawn filled with a damp silence.
Unspoken thoughts remain locked within me.
No comfort in the solitude,
a thought of togetherness seems futile.

The hazed scene that encapsulates me,
longs for the amber glow of morning rays,
eyes twinkling with invisible dreams
and ears yearning to hear the melody of sunlight.
The mirror of dawn, wet with condensation,
its fog of damp silence.
Although gulping at the sunlight,
the new day still remains colorless.

The tarnished shadow of memories,
the dense damp silence,
grips the aged walls of my soul,
and I cannot escape.


The Season I Want to Live In


The scent of your breath
love dances like a butterfly.

Drenched in your raining desire
lush spring

Yearnings whispered

The sun kissed golden season’s
ancient story
filled with
certainty and uncertainty.

Every word I utter
reflects you.

Up to your skilled hands
to create or destroy me.


I long to live the moments
breathe the air
where love
dances like a butterfly
by the scent of your breath.


Sense of Life

Amid the glowing moonlit-mist
Two shadows bow and pledge.

Let’s dance
celebrate the joy
of our one being,
enlighten the saddened surroundings
with silken, perfumed-filled soft aura
and forget the rest.

Let’s embrace the angry wind
fly high
to the highest rumbling clouds
empty hearts
each to the other
and dissolve the sense of our being
into one so

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