Poems by L Sr Prasad

Poems by L Sr Prasad



Once upon a time in Babylonia,
Pyramus a handsome boy, Thisbe a beautiful girl, were in love euphoria
They lived in neighbouring houses separated by a wall..
But their parents had feuds that proscribed any meeting or call.

What can the young people do about it?
They found a crack in the wall and through that
They exchanged messages, murmurs, sweet nothings and what not!
When desire overpowered the reason they had a plan
To meet at the White mulberry tree near the mount plain.

So, on that appointed dot of time Thisbe started early
and reached the snow White mulberry tree;
A fierce lioness was there near a stream,
With Its mouth dripping blood meal!
Thisbe ran with fear towards mountain,
and while running she dropped her veil
The lioness found the veil, playfully it tossed ,
and rent it with its blood mouth and with zeal

And Pyramus came and saw the lion at a distance, going..
And the blood stained cloth of his lover in pieces and torn
He blamed himself and crying loud he fell upon his sword
and the blood gushed up like a fountain!
The very moment Thisbe came, moaning endlessly she too did the same
From their young hearts blood, gushed up like fountain and drenched
the white mulberry tree from then onwards mulberries
became red and symbol of sweet love

So young ones! Do not hurry in taking decision!
One wrong step can transform safety into destruction!



Oh Lord Siva! The Auspicious one! What a great family you have!
O Pasupati, the Lord of animals! The ancient God of the weak and brave!
An omniscient yogi in your benevolent form but a destroyer at annihilation time,
All peculiar and strange your attire and whereabouts and you are the endless Time!

Ice cold mountain Kailash you tread, with the great bull Nandi as the vehicle!
A fierce Snake Vasuki around your neck , in you fore-head a burning third eye terrible!
The holy river Ganges flowing from your matted hair, a crescent moon adorning fair,
A trident as a weapon supreme, the percussion instrument Damaru for sounding fear!

The primordial cosmic energy Parvati, your consort, is the daughter the mountain,
The lord of the ganas or attendants Vinayaka the elephant headed one is the elder son!
The commander in chief of deities’ army is your younger son, Kartikeyan or Murugan!
The problem starts, as my human brain thinks, whenever there is your family reunion!

Now O Lord! Tell me how many contradictions and paradoxes you bear and wear?
As an ascetic you roam in the graveyards wearing elephant skin and ashes smeared,
How can a beautiful daughter of the king of mountains tolerate your ways very weird?
And you claim her as half of your body but you keep another lady in your matted hair!

In that matt of hair, the ornamental crescent of moon may keep your forehead cool,
But the moon laughed at your son’s paunch and got a curse for his transgression drool!
With such a shape your lovely son Vinayaka, how can he ride on a little brittle mouse?
When your necklace of a hissing snake sees it, how can it tolerate a mouse in your house?

Even if the snake is silent, your second son’s vehicle pea-cock is an arch-enemy of snakes,
Does it sound alarm of SA in shadja, whose vortex Root-Chakra is under control of Vinayaka!
Your consort Parvati as Durga rides on a lion, but your mount is bull, and how is it possible?
Phallus and yoni your symbols, but you don’t have your own children, what is the trouble?

Oh Lord Siva! The Cosmic Dancer! What a divine dance “Tandava’ you perform!
A cobra uncoils, a skull giggles, a crescent moon clicks in that dance of Bliss!
A Damaru Drum sounds the beats originating the creation and passage of Time!
When your left hand hurls fire and the third eye opens, destroyed are all the worlds,

Then you create all the worlds again and protect them in the forms of Trinity,
You are an omniscient yogi in your benevolent form but a destroyer at annihilation time,
O Primordial God! Destroyer of evil and transformer! Embodiment of grace and purity!
Oh Lord Siva! The Auspicious one! What a great family you have, like all of us and me!



Is that a Big-Bang or a sing-song of the birth of this known Universe?
Is it that existed; now existing and that will exist, or is it God’s uni-verse?
Fourteen billion years ago why Axions, massive hollow subjects compact,
And weak interactive particles burst into plank epoch of intense heat?

What cosmic inflation brought quark, hadron, lepton epochs in to time zone?
Within twenty minutes of Big-Bang, formed elementary particles from photon!
From light particles evolved the matter, photons decoupled and moved free,
Stars formed, solar system existed by four and half billion years ago with spree

Early Earth hit hard by Theia, lost a chunk of debris to get its satellite moon,
From Asteroid belt, dusty Earth got its precious water almost as a great boon,
Four billion years ago, appeared traces of life, evolved in phases of extinction,
Half billion years back life stepped on to the earth from its house called ocean.

From the last universal common ancestor it took billions of years of time
Viruses, Arachea, Bacteria, plants, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals came
Six million years ago appeared Hominins, about two hundred thousand years
ago evolved, the Homo sapiens, ventured out of Africa in waves and wavers.

Erect posture, Bipedalism, manual dexterity, abstract reasoning, and language
Use of fire, cooked food, clothes, n finesse in arts gave human a unique gaze
Six mass extinctions, six days to God, Six progenitors Manus travelled on time
Now the reign of human, the seventh mass extinction of Holocene is in prime

Ten thousand years ago hunter- gatherers, some started agro-settlement,
Civilizations proliferated near the banks of great rivers, skirmishes in ferment
Effervescent borders, escalated tensions, exploration, scientific advancement
Colonialism, slavery, mass killings in the name of caste, creed n religion chant

From the start of life in the universe five billion species gone extinct
Out of twelve million that exist we know around a one million in front
In that one million o man! You are one of the species going mad rampant
Everyday four hundred species disappear, the holocaust seems imminent

May be more than seven billion in number O reckless human!
May be you have discovered the secrets of fusion and fission!
May be you know the secrets of life, cloning, energy and destruction!
When love and compassion has become extinct, there is no resurrection!

In this universe of twenty eight billion parsecs of observable,
Your seven billion army continent of Earth is a minute particle,
In that range, your egocentric scientific achievement is zilch to tell,
Why cackle and guffaw O heedless human! You are less than a dust particle!

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