Poems by Priyanka Raj

Poems by Priyanka Raj
As long, you behave in seasonal shame
And don’t even care about our personal name
For the foul you play alike trivial game
Linger on to top for worrying about useless fame
Until you trigger topic for fight
To discontinue thou art of light
For your eyes isn’t there for vision sight
And heads not held high under fusion night
Catch your breath and chase thee geek
Squad reward for mine virtue as meek
Rub down through winding road to seek
Forever will make you remind that week
Go ahead with your choice of dance
No need to raise voice for receiving old chance
Call it off all thou best of sublime
No more stories left, to fit into time
Neither I got a myth of art, to pray
To share a word ,to set crime spray
For a broken heart ,never play or pay
And bend over , lay on an unfaithful day
Making excuses shall be your epoch fail
For now, I rescue myself with vigor on sail
And there is no guarantee for blasting tomorrow
For history of serendipity shall be lasting sorrow
Perhaps ,forgiveness would be biggest lie
I would call , onto the bridge standing apart to die!
I came across to my old house
Once built with love and passion of dreams
Adored together but deserted to survive alone !
Music was only the decoration!
And Romance was rewinding song
Towards my right was my hubby
And fingers smoothly played on our piano
And one volcanic night in spring
Fate features our last song
For now, everything burnt alive except
Our old piano with white and black keys!
Deep inside in black hole of my heart , there is subliminal fiction,
Expressing terms of sentimental expression into poetic diction;
Trying hard , for revealing greater amount of sorrowful friction,
And then, eyes started drenching , drops by drops… teardrops inscriptions!
Whilst universe was toasting with stars to shine,
Moon was hiding her behind the clouds to entwine;
And rainbow refused sea, to sprinkle colourful wine,
Up above sky replenished with pine trees to dine !
Piercing my joy constantly to tear apart …my last love to beat ,
Letting the darkness follow my soul ; to grasp disappearing feat –
Buried down , decomposed atom of feelings in evaporating heat
Terrified ,battered , smacked and still breathing with power for your cheat !
Don’t you break every girl innocent spirit ,for your selfish fight ,
For one fine day , I shall presage my name credit at small town sight,
Turn your pages of history , it will paddle debit at your worse night,
Oh! you would realize teardrops on my heart; to make me believe right!

One thought on “Poems by Priyanka Raj

  1. Priyanka or Mahi are one and the same
    Atop the hill seeking the fame
    Mounting the clouds to touch the moon
    It’ll fall in your lap with your efforts, soon
    I write these lines to sum up my observations on your poems which I just read here; all three of them: HOW LONG WILL I FORGIVE YOU, OLD PIANO, TEAR DROPS ON MY HEART. In the first poem, your conscious energy is focused more on struggling with rhyming which makes you force your narrative to align with rhyme. In the process you use certain outlandish phrases like ‘ myth of art, to pray’. I quote here only one. There are a few more. So far as the narrative i concerned, your thought are on someone, may be a friend who has betrayed your faith.You admonish him, you show your anger and angst and recall the past goings on. You delineate on the subject rather well but in trying to bring out your expressions, your struggle becomes apparent mainly because your focus gets drifted to rhyming the lines.
    Old Piano is a short poem which creates a mood of nostalgia superbly. Your lines so poignantly bring out the feelings of a tragic nostalgia which makes the reader feel the anguish in poet’s heart. Lines,’ music was only the decoration/ and romance was an unwinding song.’ create an atmosphere of Greek tragedy.
    Tear Drops On My Heart is yet another poem which speaks of unrequitted love in a muffled voice. The narrative proceeds smoothly till you get entangled, perhaps subconsciously, in the mesh of forcing a rhyme in some of your lines.
    Reading your poems I see a surge of different emotions within your bosom which seek expression in poems which you have created so lovingly. I see all colours of rainbow in your words which come winking over a clear sky..

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