Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Who sacrificed everything for society
Searched new aspects of love and humanity
Talk with honestly from heart core 
Come forward for peace always

Does innovative for sustainability
Walking for education and teaching
Can Twitter or Facebook decide?
No wise wisdom decide who have expertise

To get it not a political game
Who think it’s , they have shame
Is it lame ? Reply to me from inner drops
of rain
Some are busy only to get fame

Oh ! God why terrorists killing humanity
When they will get inner beauty
My appel to those leaders
Who want to be in this race

Hate evils root out terrorists from salty land
Everywhere then they will get friends
Start this beautiful trend to rise
They will be heir of noble prize.



Steel body and hard souls
Can they search real life goal ?
Sense of my spirituality may be cowardice ?
But humanity is missing from human being

For materialistic comfort killing
Are they intellectual ?
Are they not suffering on salty land ?
From that partition brutality is on its zenith

Forgetting all love songs
And listening only sound of machines
That eating only human beings
My mind ,shivering from that fear

O! God bestow us wisdom
For morality and spirituality
In the midst of modern war
What results may be only God knows ?


The place may be heap of ruins
And unexpected loss of human
Horrors of war terrifying my MYSTIC soul
How can we see spreading tears everywhere ?

Where will be the ego of ours
When there would be only heaps of ruins
And my heart is haunted with this fear
Eyes are blind to see dead bodies

O! God come and see your beautiful land
And the creation of yours
Before my tears dried !
My heart is calling you for such loss.

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