FIVE O CLOCK IN THE MORNING / Poem by Marian Eikelhof

Poem by Marian Eikelhof



I will never translate your bathroom anymore in different shades of a shining spectrum,
hide my ciggies for you under the chair forbidden-for-me to sit on your balcony,
travel back and forth to you, fall asleep, 
be your washing machine to talk to in dark hours,
discuss in detail all your lost loves,
accept daily insults about my inferiorities,
my mellow heart,
too loud laughs,
thrown out of your car,
punished for a seductive smile,
be woken up by the shouting voice of your tormented soul,
listen to the cries of the young revolutionaries,
dying and dying during the executions
five ‘o clock every morning
never again caress your scars
console you
as my femininity
is looking for protection.

Copyright Marian Eikelhof

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