MOTHERHOOD / Poem by Aabha Rosy Vatsa

Poem by Aabha Rosy Vatsa



The beauty of motherhood is double fold
First in creation
And second in nurturing

She nurtures with her body
Giving her flesh and blood
A safe haven for nine months
Eating right
Doing right
Medical check ups at the clinic
And living a holistic life
To give her best
To her yet unborn child

Once the Miracle arrives
A new life blossoms
Sending the entire family into raptures

The beauty of motherhood
Is not merely in creation
But also
In a lifelong commitment of nurturing
A commitment that even surpasses death
For she promises to be around her child in spirit
Even after leaving her mortal body

Creation chose the feminine gender
To bring forth life
Creation bestowed a woman
With life giving breasts
Spurting milk to feed her cherished baby
Including all the goodness of nutrition
And immunity for her new born baby
So she happily breastfeeds her baby
Even putting up with aching breasts

A mother’s love is a lifelong guarantee
A soft cushion to snuggle against
A large hearted embrace to envelope
A dazzling smile of assurance
And above all hope

Hope, that come what may
Beyond the storms and Tsunamis
Her grace and light will never diminish
For she was chosen to be a mother
A promise she vowed to keep
To her baby
To herself
And above all
To the creator

Copyright Aabha Rosy Vatsa

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