Poem by Monsif  BEROUAL



Dear Human beings,
I lost the words, I wish if I could spell a word
Am the blamed one, the only one !
And The coming generation will says the same
Our grandparents faults
I wish if I can tell more words
But I’ve lost all the words
Every day I see the moon, I stares to that sun
Above me that sky full of stars
Under my feet that lands
Breathing the same air
But we never value that homeland
Hoping and wishing for better world
Without wars,
Without hate.
Does am the only one?
I wonder with that pain killing my heart
But all my hopes were caged into history room
What could we say for them
But we are the blamed one
We lost control and we let anger control our needs
We could not bring the change
We only brought the wars
Cause we couldn’t understand
We couldn’t forgot
Cause we couldn’t forgive
We just brought the history to the future,
To the present,
To hate each other
We couldn’t learn
But we learned to keep hating each other
Without understanding each other
Without given chance to love each other
That is us, our beloved human beings generation.

# let not give the chance to hatred to be raised
We are only one family around the world
Christian, jewish , muslim , atheist
We are brothers and sisters sisters
We are just human beings

One thought on “PLANET: HISTORY ROOM / Poem by Monsif BEROUAL

  1. I quite love this poem. I think it would be most charming and compelling to hear Monsif recite it. It is a good message. I have a short poem on this subject. It is called Shame Earthlings. So we speak the same language, the language of Peace.
    Sending hugs of fellowship.

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