Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa



You and me , he and she
all of us together
let’s help mummy cat
Mummy cat Mummy cat
She paws heavily , she becomes fat 
Ah mummy cat , mummy cat
A big belly she has got
she is with babies, I bet
But Mummy cat looks sad
is pregnancy giving her nut ?
let’s help mummy cat
Her source of dejection we decipher
Ah mummy cat looks for a shelter
A cosy corner , a warm nest
Poor mummy cat
She looks for a place
A safe place , it does not matter a villa or a hut
A place where peace would hover
So the babies could prosper forever
Mummy cat has one desire
Her babies she wants to deliver
The sooner , the better
Mummy cat is perplexed
dejected , sorrowful and vexed
for she knows
poeple ‘s cruelty
for she knows , kittens are not welcomed
and face all coulours of misery
cats here are not welcomed
Mummy cat is in a mess
where to go ? where to head
Oh my lord oh my lord
where are the kind folk ?
which door would she knock ?
Poor mummy cat
she is in rush for a safe bed
she starts to mow
” Merciful SOULS where are you ?
GENEROUS hearts are you dead ?
I need safety to bring my kittens to this world ”
Melting her tears with her sobbs
this what she has just siad
let’s listen to Mummy cat ,
“I do not want them to come ,
people here ,
in killing them find no harm
I do not want them to come
some throw them in the street
To be stepped upon by icy feet
Others cast them in bins
Ah poor kittens , too young to lick
very soon to die
They will end up in agony
And bereft I become
So I do not want them to come .
I know their fateful destiny
Some naughty children
would use my kittens as a ball
One kick here , one punch there
One deadly cast on the wall
Bereft I become .
I do not want them to come
The neat housewife , anxious about here furniture
casts them in the street
To hunger , in the cold and in the heat
exposing them to the cars
denying them anyfuture
let ‘s help mummy cat
for charity lies in a blessed heart .

“SIHEM CHERIF ( on behalf of the kittens , on behalf of tortured creatures in my country )

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