Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


The Eyes of Heaven :

He returning the tears & cursed, frustrations & affections,
Deeds & means,
Love & hate,
Wanted & unwanted,
Prayers and prejudice,
All those He get and acquired,
In whole life’s gymnastics,
All that’s worries burn in alive,
Feelings wonder,
With empty sapphire,
Running on ocean,
Flying on cloud,
Happiness bursting,
As thunder in to cloud,
Humanity declared,
Lunatic in the garden,
Hugs across the whole universe,
Disobeye the rules of learned,
Preaching and discipline,
Illiterate says divine drunken,
Whole world puzzled,
Trying to punish,
Prepared to teach Him,
To preach the way of living,
Human preaching the humanity,
Humanity enjoining with curiosity,
Everyone busy on gossiping,
He untouched on affaires,
Now he became,
A subject of frustration,
Learned disturbed,
While illiterates happy,
With lights of journey,
All of sudden,
He jumped on the oceans,
Oh, yes…. I wake-up,
Perhaps I was in deep slumber,
After a long time perhaps,
I find myself on the flying cloud,
On the adge of the horizon,
I just turn back to heaven,
How lovely,
Fast to get Her accompany,
Feeling enthrilled & excited,
But now I’m in state of stuck,
One She is laying straight wide,
Under the bright triangle of ashes,
Another sitting under,
Parijat tree on leg across.
Soothing smell of Parijat,
Makes heaven heavenly,
Third eyes of heaven,
Focused on triangle,
Makes ashes bright,
My hypnotic move,
To triangle as per excellence,
She calling with open arms,
My body ashes,
Now formed a body alive,
In the eyes of heaven,
Moved to Parijat tree,
And enterd in Her womb,
Though I’m,
Sitting leg across in Her body,
Laying widely in triangle of ashes,
Distant sound from unseen placess,
Enterd in my ear,
Hymns of Heaven,
(“Om Hring Vajrakachhanye Nmah Imam Shakti Pavitri Kuru Mam Shakti Kuru Kuru Swaha …##…
O Navel Nectar Deity Come & Purify,
Strengthen to my existence of ultimate genuineness with Exotic Immortal Strengths of Nectar.”)
My eyes going to close slowly,
With fading lights of my sense,
Third eyes of heaven become static,
Heaven going to be unseen,
Though Thee looks brilliantly,
Sitting under Parijat tree,
Looking exotically in my eyes,
With Smile
Secrets hold!


Why you bother dear Destinyy Lightt,

Angels & princess always looks fair,
Not only in body but souls too,
Hence they able to bless and love,
Not only to living non-living too,
Yesterday night,
I was talking with my spirit,
He said to me,
Go hurry up,
Accompany with Her forever,
Your journey become glossy & Fair,
Otherwise you stay as you are,
Although I know,
I’m not such qualified,
To get a accompany of Princess,
Hence I stay silently,
On my old deserted broken house,
Even my attire torn a part,
It’s very old and ugly,
Wearing broken sleeper in my foot,
Lightless face,
And static eyes,
No dreams of future even present,
Trying to stay very far away,
To see,
Yes to see,
I’m enjoying indeed,
Princess presence,
And Her smiles,
In cosmic confluence!

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