Poems by Sheila Rexho

Poems by Sheila Rexho
You belong to a never existed past
to a sweet torturing kind of present
and to a future that will never come…
you’ve imprisoned my thoughts within the cell of your existence
And it feels like I will never want to escape from you…
You’re my habitat,
the wrong that feels so right
You’re my secret no one …
If your existence would be a desert
I could stay forever thirsty for your love
In the silence of your unsaid words
I could stay forever mute
In the depth of your thoughts
I could drown and never come out
In a crowd of thousands portraits
My eyes would instantly find yours
And then I know that your mind
Would instantly link to mine…
Your mind would blow mine away
Leaving me bare thought, ready to escape
From my reality to a secret space,
Somewhere, no one could find us
But I know, that place is our minds….
Boutique of Mystery
Would you dare to enter into my boutique of mystery?
Brave enough to explore the real me
Would you be surprised of me feeling the same?
Captured by this sensation that I cannot even name…
Would you dare to come up and confess?
Fearless, of what my mind would think of that
Fearless of your inner conscious self
Without even claiming: I am hard to forget!
Would you dare to break the rules?
Those unwritten ones between us two
Would you dare to speak up the truth?
Of this complicated game, we got into…
Would you dare to translate my silence?
Or you’re afraid of its response?
Would you dare to undress the fears of prejudice?
Or you’re just too weak fighting against all this?
I’m scared you will never get to cross the line
Because it kills you “losing us”
Us, an inexplicable definition

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