A Symphony For Humanity / Poem by Flerida Ambrocio

Poem by Flerida Ambrocio
A Symphony For Humanity
If i could find a symphony
for humanity
I would rather compose
a melody that blends to all
things that surround me
Such as the songs of the
birds and the bees
The fragrance of wonderful
flowers and lovely trees
The gentle touch of the breeze on autumn leaves
The whispering waves of
water in the deep blue sea
that mesmerized my heart and soul when moment of sadness overshadow my
whole being.
The breath-taking views
on the top of the mountains
The mystic clouds,
the colorful rainbow
up above
The sky, the moon, the stars
and all heavenly bodies
seen by my naked eyes
And most of all
The thing called “Love”.
Yes, love is the key for my
Symphony to humanity
For the people to see
how great God’s creations
How wonderful,
how fantastic
How amazing the universe
in which we live in.
Each and everyone of us
Will love each other
Know their feelings
Know their needs
Feel their heart longing for someone’s care
Someone’s touch
Someone’s hug
Someone’s caress and
warm embrace.
I wish to console them
With my sweet symphony
With my lovely music
With my sweet melody
With love and care
for everybody
By the grace and glory
of Father Almighty .
May the Divine Providence
Blessed me for my
Symphony to humanity.

One thought on “A Symphony For Humanity / Poem by Flerida Ambrocio

  1. A harmonious soul years for symphony and harmony, all elements of nature are harmonious, rendering a service to Man, the poetess wishes to see the world in perfect concord and love as a prevalent sentiment among us all. Would that her sincere urge come true and humanity fall in perfect alignment.

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