MY POETRY – Dr. Ezhil Vendhan / Alongwith a Review by Joseph Spencer Sr

Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


MY POETRY ( alongwith a Review by Joseph Spencer Sr)

Poetry is not peacock feathers
to fan the power thrones.
It is the murmurs of the heart
under the authoritarian legs.

Poetry is not ice cubes
to add into alcohol bowls.
It is salt to porridge food
consumed by my people I belong.

Poetry is not porn dancing
held in secluded rooms.
It is a street musings
of people’s artist.

Poetry is not photographs
with make-up faces
But the vision
and edition of the original faces.

Poetry is not astrologer’s palm reading
through a magnifying glass.
It is rear view mirror of vehicles
forecasting what is to come next.

Poetry is not the stockings for
But a handkerchief to wipe the tears.
Poetry is not an astrology book
but a timeline of our daily life.

Poetry is not camouflage of Litterateurs
but share and care of common lore
and spark the mind and hearts.

Poetry is not alien to the average mass
But experience of one and all.

Poetry is nectar for longevity
and universal remedy for all ailments.

Copyright © Dr Ezhil Vendhan


Review by Joseph Spencer Sr:

This is such a brilliant write my dear brother and awesome poet, Ezhil Vendhan. I like your logical approach as to what is not poetry. Over the past months, I have conducted surveys regarding what is poetry. I have spoken with individuals including: ministers, professors, people on the streets, students, barbers, librarians, politicians, poets, bartenders, writers, waitresses, and others. Most everyone gave a short, nonchalant answer, or had no definition on the subject. I have researched dictionaries such as: Merriam, American Heritage, Webster and others. They were all inconclusive, therefore, I like your approach to answering the question by turning the stone over to see what’s under it. I really like your logic. It seems that great minds function the same.

The rose on your page is a symbolic image of love in poetry. It’s emitting fragrance and the sight is touching to the mind, body and soul, in poetry. As such, your poem is very impressive and smell like a rose. I like the way it states the negative then transitioned to the positive. It shows that many have thoughts about poetry that’s not even close to the true facts or reality. The power throne, alcohol bowls, and secluded rooms are negative views of poetry and absolutely state what poetry is not. Poetry is not an astrological palm reading. On the other hand, it’s really is a handkerchief wiping tears, a timeline of daily life, ointment for wounds, and it sparks the mind and heart. Your last stanza it very touching, which states, “Poetry is not alien to the masses but an experience for all.” It should be noted that it’s an invaluable and refreshing life experience.

The poem flows very well with the mixing of couplets, quatrains, and tercets. Their variance and impact are inspiring in writing poetry. The poem’s tone is uplifting and moving. It takes the negative and transitioned it into positive. The theme is consistent and is reinforced with your poetic repetitions, with a vivid descriptive excellence. My brother, poetry inspires, touches, radiates, and uplifts life. Poetry—is an essence of life!

Needless, I say anymore without turning this review into a composition. The poem is a great one to read, especially on this, “International Poetry Day,” coinciding with Happy Holi. Blessing always!

5 thoughts on “MY POETRY – Dr. Ezhil Vendhan / Alongwith a Review by Joseph Spencer Sr

  1. This is such an excellent posting. Thank you for shining some light on me my friend. I didn’t really expect this blessing! May God continue to shine His perpetual light upon you always from generation to generation. Blessings always!

  2. This is a remarkable moment for you being a great poet. I can feel the emotions beyond the expressiveness of your choice of words. Congratulations!

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