Poem by Sabrina Young

Sabrina Young


Each day I gain a higher level of peace, as the pain digs deeper it uncovers the real me
Outgoing and energetic I was , once upon a time , but now the only importance lies in my spiritual side
In my garden I have found most of my hidden pieces ,taking time to reflect on the most articulate of the species
When humans are hurt we lash out or hide out in a room , while animals run in packs and lick each other’s wounds .
Animals hunt for food and have plenty to share , but a human will eat in front of a starving man offering nothing but a stare
An animal keeps their promise and stays loyal to the end , while loyalty to a human depends on the trend
My garden has woke me to my pieces destroyed by man , putting them back together little by little , again and again .
My pain reaches out to heal the hurt in a beggars eyes , perhaps I was an animal in a passed life .

~Sabrina Young~ ©


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