The Journey / Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram



The Journey


I’ve Seen Your Scars
Hidden In Between
The Silence

I Travel Up Yonder
In The Valley Below
Over The Mountains.

I Stare Through
A Tiny Glare
Over Looking
The Hill.

The Journey
To Be Continue

I Had The Same Dreams
We Shall We Can
I Carried The Torch!

I look Upon Lady Liberty“
Where My Ancestors Before,
Travel From Ships Aboard
Across The Water
` From Sea
Ocean ,
Perhaps From The


I Travel Upon.Yonder“
I Look Ahead“

I Stare `


A Tiny Glare`

Where It Did Matter To Me!

I Walk Through Victory Way!

Where I Shall Stay~
I Travel My Journey

I Stand Tall`
The Journey
To Be Continue.

We Can!
We Shall!

Forward With Head
Held High`
No Shame

Because Freedom
Liberty For All.

The Journey
I Stand Tall!

The Journey To Be Continue,
Taken From RailRoad Philosophy
Carried On Our Backs`.

Some Painted In.Stone`
Some Told Of Stories
Long Ago.

Paths of Yesterday`s
Journeys Only To
Be Continue Triumph
At Victory


The Journey

Written By/ OpalIngram ©

2015/ July 4

@Opal Expressions
Poetress Mystic


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