Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn





Blighted frost

on squiggly leaves

Melting into

molten silver streaks

Reflecting the moon’s

lonesome journey

across the desolate

star spangled desert

of the

planet ridden sky

Thirsting amidst

the water drenched

earth .


Copyright Lily Swarn 9.7.2016






Strings on guitars

Or on hearts

Need to be strummed

They need a pattern

To create music


Goddess Saraswati

With her veena

Divine music



The rockstar

Lost in his world

Long hair



Whooshing winds


the forest

Leafy Raagas

of love


Pining sands

Crooning their

Hearts out in




Pluck them

With tenderness

These strings

And watch them

Tingle your



Copyright Lily Swarn 9.7.2016




Helter skelter


Cantankerous minds

Maniac morals

Churlishly growing

Vagabond weeds


Helter skelter

Hither thither

higgledy piggledy

Mean and miserly


Groping for morsels

Of love in tit -bits

Hors de oeuvres

Spread thinly


Grimacing mouths

Crinkled eyes

Scrounging attention

Hills of waste


Prowling the night

On padded paws

Feline slyness

Nine lives to live !


Copyright Lily Swarn 8.7.2016






When the world sleeps

The heart dips in slush

Caked and muddy

Emerging statuesque

Makrana marble glazed

Eternal music of Rabaabs

Strumming the strings

Lonesome splendour

Infused with wonder

A million moon rays

Singing a lullaby

From shores of the river

That Sohni crossed

To meet Mahiwal .


Copyright Lily Swarn 15.7.2016


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