Poems by SWANSH



Poems by SWANSH



Anatomy of Healing


As I walk and walk and walk
Sometimes I injure myself
A stone here a thorn there
My feet hit or run over them
Out of my lack of concentration
And a pain surges up the brains
Contorting the thoughts and actions
My thanks to poetry writing now
That I am able to dissect
Blame from reality and facts
I remember whenever I suffered
The first reaction was either blame
Or a futile justification for my slip
Nothing happens to me if don’t allow
Then how can I blame someone
Or something for my mistakes
Probably this acceptance of life
And my own being on the path
And the responsibility attached
That makes me wonder why
Why did I not realize before?
Why I used to point a finger
At others or other things
Without minding the three fingers
That forever remain pointed inward
Why I used to give pain to others
For the suffering caused to self by self
Probably It was the sense of compassion
That I lacked before deep within
And which is blessed to me through poetry
By dint of looking within for an answer
And probably this is the anatomy
Of healing that works in this life time
Feeling little relaxed within
With a grateful heart in love
I walk and walk and walk.




Fledgling Thoughts


As I walk and walk and walk
My arms swaying by the side
And eyes rolling on in front
The fledgling emerges of a thought

It is about the arms that sway
While we walk to balance our walks
And then the same arms cajole
A soul in need of a solace

The same arms we use often
To keep weeds away at length
And the same arms become a cradle
For a baby divine in its innocence

The same arms become amorous
When we are with the love of our life
The same arms become involved
In some inhuman acts of violence too

The same arms become our tools
To support our family life when we work
To create too we do need the arms
Arms are such divine blessings

And yet in modern day environment
What have we construed and catapulted
This same arm into a means of destruction
The fledgling of thoughts bleeds

With an aching heart at core
I walk and walk and walk.




Illusions of Life


As I walk and walk and walk
I dared to look back deep in time

Dropped in silence from the heaven
A surge of wonderment inexpressible
Results in cries of ecstasies irrepressible
Undulating many a hearts gathered around

And the journey of illusions begins in life
The adulations the care the concerns
The disciplines, the rule and regulations
The teachings and preaching endless

Takes us on a shadowy path away
Where all our wants and wishes thrive
Like the birds in the winds and sky
We keep on flying either low or high

At the bottom of the tangent of life lies
The ancient child in still wonderment
Of where have a I landed and grew
Or did I grow at all it ponders with smile wry

What did the child need, did we inquire?
We aspired for cajoles and credence
We toiled for materials and matters
Leaving behind the ancient child

In its own backyard of infancy
In its own world of serene innocency
At times though we heard the waves
Of whispers but never listened

Ah the Tree of Life that lures and eludes
All that be and all that not be in earth
And the world inside keeps buzzing in heart
In the ever serene and supine charm

Awoke from my deep slumber of times
I stagger and walk and walk and walk.




Making of the Air That We Breath


As I walk and walk and walk
Sometimes my nostrils soothe
Sometimes they fill with pungent
Alien smell instead of fresh air
Impurities of blind growth
Impurities of inhuman intentions
Choke my nostrils on my way
And yes I consider myself a part
Sometimes I breath pains in the air
Pains of sufferings of downtrodden
Pains of sufferings of helplessness
Pains of fellow subdued hearts
Sometimes I breath cries of times
Of ancient ignominy hanging untended
And I ponder was the air like this
From the beginning of life on earth
Some subtraction of population
Through reverse evolution conveys
Me to the times of wilderness and nature
Their abundance and their blessings
And then the evolution of mankind
Of today, I contemplate was/is it mankind?
It grew but at a cost of contaminating
The nature and its blessings of divinity
With the artificiality of our wants and comforts
For even today I don’t find a replacement
For the freshness at seashore
The rhythm of the pristine river flowing
The rain in forests and nature’s lap
The petrichor of the ancient earth
For a second now my nostrils are filled
With imaginary freshness of the times gone by
When humanity was the closest ally
Of this pristine and divine nature
And I come back to the nows with a sigh
As I walk and walk and walk.






As I walk and walk and walk
I ruminate that I have often seen
People restless and tiresome
Some in joyous and happy mood
Yet living to the fullest in all situations
Do you know what connects you to all?
Do you know what am I?
I am the warmth of the bright Sun
I am the serenity of the lovely moon
What shall I say what am I?
I am your restless wishes and wants
I am the sleep in your drowsy eyes
What shall I say what am I?
The things you run after like a hare
I am the statement of all your wants
If you get me then I become the omen
Of your happiness and celebrations
And if you can’t get me then I become
The bed of sorrow, thorn in the heart
What shall I say what am I?
I am the speed of the wonder winds
I am the heat of the scattered sunrays
I am ensconced in your sweat too
And I am the identity of your freshness
What shall I say what am I?
I am the giggles of the children
You find me in their crawls and playfulness
I exist in the life of everything
Children cannot show their tantrums
Neither can you feel the joy of their expressions
What shall I say what am I?
I am the spontaneity of the ancient rivers
I exist on the mountain tops too
I am found in the fire and ice too
I am the arguments in your hearts
I am the buzz of the songs and rhythm
Of your hearts when you sing
What shall I say what am I?
I am the veil of your future
I am the platter of your today
I was the pearl of your yesterday
What shall I say what am I?
I shine in one’s expressions of victories
And I am the ache of the losses too
Ok tell me can you express your thoughts
Can you think your thoughts without me?
Ok let me tell you what am I
I am the statement I am the form
I am the proclamation of your Being
Because I am the VOICE of the Whisper
Of your beautiful soul inside

In exhilaration and gratitude
Of the miracles of Creation
I walk and walk and wak.



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