Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
Waiting for you
There’s so much I wanna say
Through words I tried to convey.
Bombastic words and colourful phrase,
But all they seem to fade and haze.
When i wanna hide from you my pain,
The unfaithful tears pour as rain.
I tried to write all that I feel.
But nothing can ever heal.
The heartbreak which is the cause of these,
I have no more words to please.
If only they could reach to you,
If only you had that heart to see through.
If only you could come back to me,
I promise i would be forever thee.
So i wait for you every night and day,
The moment you will turn up and say……….
My wannabe list for 2017
Wanna get rid of all what caused me pain,
Wanna never repeat the past mistakes again.
Wanna live and let live ,
Wanna receive as much as i give.
Wanna explore phases of life undiscovered,
Wanna go to depths of relationships left uncovered.
Wanna understand the words spoken in silence,
Wanna capture the world in my unique lens.
Wanna do this ,wanna do that,
Wanna grow lil slim as i have grown fat.(Lol)
Wanna listen to only what my heart says,
Wanna see now better days.
Wanna love me more than i used to,
Wanna make you love me more than you do.
Wanna see all my dearries happy and gay,
Wanna live in peace on earth as long as I stay.
Wanna grow up as a better human,
Wanna love all as much as i can.
Wanna forgive and forget all who did me wrong,
Wanna thank them all for making me more strong.
I have no name,
Until you name me.
I have no form
Until you shape me.
I don’t exist,
Until you make me,
I am creativity………..
I am waiting deep inside you
Touch my spark,
And let me light you,
Give me life,
And I’ll revive you
I am creativity………..
I long to be with you,
Take me along,
And I’ll teach u life’s love song.
When u touch my soul,
Words nd music will never go wrong.
I am creativity!!!!!

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