Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



I cherish mellowing moments to speak
When I have a position of pride at peak
Wondrous words outpour in a cascade
When felicitous feelings often pervade

Utterances are endowed with elegance
Fuelling the soul to soar with eminence
When we deliver a splenderous speech
We can be lofty bards singing on beach

Bards lead the world by warding off evil
Defending our planet destabilising devil
We create an environment for our living
Enabling ourselves for splendid striving

Let us act with calm to create all charm
Keeping all healthy hearts lovingly warm
A brave world is all our endearing dream
We cherish build with with love in gleam.



Let all your sensations stream in silence
Creating charming calm without violence
Let the idea of glory not drive your vision
Seeking fame by creating many a division

Nurture pure passions with genuune zeal
Allowing your aspirations to have fair deal
Script your fantabulous future with rapture
Concealing all contentment within capture

Build your living with sculptural splendour
Making with marvellous mirth rare wonder
Never buy sorrow for.your better tomorrow
You should cherish rare pleasures in a row

Keep your felicitous faith supremely strong
Watching your emotions never to go wrong
Vitalise the roots of optimism with intuition
Enrapturng hale hearts without any friction.



Buds blooming in blissful abundance
Enrapure all eager eyes with elegance
Narure npurishes resplendent rapture
We often glow cherishing it in capture

Savouring the essence of sustenance
We lead our living with rare endurance
Chasing all lofty dreams for realisation
We undertake tasks with determination

We proudly possess an indomitable will
Accomplishing activities with great skill
Our noble dreams are fulfilled with ease
Reigning sensations are not under siege

Let us turn a leaf defying all decrepit age
Retaining positive attitude beyond oldage
We can make better all living on the earth
Relishing it.entirely with marvellous mirth.



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