Modern God / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo


Modern God

I live in all your screens;
your TV, PC, ipad, iphone…
I transfuse your kids’ minds via cartoons’ subliminal messages
I shape your youths’ minds via the musical industry
I highjack your concentration via pop-ups and electronic notifications
I install nomophobia in you via your cellular phones
I urge you to consumerism via commercials and billboards
I program your likes and dislikes via sponsored sports and cultural events
I mould your tastes via the ever-changing fashion
I separate spouses via free and secret dating sites
I distort events, truths and history via the mainstream mass media
I destroy your health via genetically-modified food
I install some viruses and illnesses in you via the pharmaceutical industry
I offer expensive medicine to the incurable diseases I already sowed their seeds via babyhood vaccines
I track all your moves via Instagram, GPS and IP Address
I use the secret power of Kabbalah to bewitch you via your willingly displayed pictures

I fill your bodies with an electric charge via the increasing high-tech devices
I normalize the culture of violence and death via horror movies and websites
I reduce the grey matter in your brain via exposure to porn films
I rob you of your sleep, reason and morality via esoteric occult practices
I offer you an escapist solution to your depression via cigarettes, alcohol and drugs
I metamorphose you to dumb-ass masses via virtual video games
I destroy your real sexual life and reduce your libido via virtual prostitutes
I enfeeble your memory and cognition via all the screens you’re exposed to
I format you and re-program you to parrot my desired slogans
I indoctrinate you to imitate my obedient stars and top-models
I induce you to purchase the cutting-edge gadgets via intrusive marketing tools
I enslave some of you via microchips
I violate your privacy via monitoring “telescreens”
I metamorphose you to clones via globalization
I install some of my agents in your minds to create an allergic relation to the “out- of- date holy books”
I exercise mass surveillance on you to “protect” you from terrorism
I’m the masonic all- seeing eye
I’m Orwell’s Big Brother in flesh and blood…

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