Review From the Desk of DR. PINTU MAHAKUL (INDIA) / This is the exact copy of the review written for Membis Godwin Chukwukamma as a poet.

Membis Godwin Chukwukamma

Review From the Desk of DR. PINTU MAHAKUL (INDIA)

( This is the exact copy of the review written for Membis Godwin Chukwukamma as a poet. )

Membis Godwin Chukwukamma is a multi-talented African poet, writer and musician from Orul, Imo and lives in Aba Abia, Nigeria has broad vision for his literary perseverance. He is the winner of International Poetry Prize 2016 and winner of African Best Lyricist 2017. He has also acquired a place and he is awarded as one of the runners up in the Black Pride Magazine in Black Pride Photo Contest (BPPC) 2017 awards. I have gone through many of his beautiful poems and reviewed them. Really I am amazed finding deep rhythmical, lyrical, social, cultural and philosophical essence in many of his poems. He raises his voice often in his poems for social justice and freedom for children, socially neglected people and old aged persons. He writes poems about nature, love and life, lifestyle, sports, religion, politics, spirituality and many more. H e is also a beautiful song writer and he loves to sing. He is very cooperative and friendly to fellow poets and reads poems and books of other poets and writers. He is very much courageous, young and dynamic personality and one of the well reputed poets from Africa continent. He is highly skilled and he has achieved such excellence in poetic expression that amazes many senior poets of the today’s world. Many of his poems are poetic gems in the world literary sky and more valuable for education, research and society. Out of many poems, his poems titled, “As We Pray for Earth,’ ‘A Star Beyond Critics,’ ‘A letter to my Love,’ ‘Not all Men Die,’ The Land,’ ‘Mistakes, ‘Utopia,’ ‘The Force Within You,’ and ‘Learning,” are definitely his milestones of success and as per my opinion these are outstanding poetic gems. He is of course a dazzling poetic star in the world of literary horizon. I am wishing him all the best for his future perseverance. May God bring fortune, happiness and glory for him and his family with brightness of wisdom! May fragrant flowers bloom in his way of walking! May beautiful cute birds chirp in his literary garden! (Pintu Mahakul , Odisha, INDIA, Date: 05, November 2017)

Best Wishes from:
Indian freelance poet, writer & researcher


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