Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis

Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis
trees of dreams
i started walking through
autumn carpet of leaves
from maple trees and dawn redwood,
there were glides and parachutes
rescuing people who do not know
how to dream, how to explore.
at first, fairytales are read
as the false cypress grow,
there’s also an oak tree standing
where you can whisper the name of your love,
incense cedars blow horns to warn and be ready,
Aspen trunks reserve the moments
where your best dreams are ever set,
the bamboos swaying merrily,
how tall have you tried to reach the dream
you want to become,
the Tree of Life showers mornings, noons and evenings
to live the enormous dreams we believe and love.
how do you know
your roots are the founding rules
sipping rhythmic waters
from nodules of verbs
delivering veined nouns
to every branches of new speech
this trunk of poetry reminds
artisans from avant garde lines
embracing evolutionary midribs
to powerful rustling leaves
because of peaceful wind
that breathes from centuries
as lovers under the tree of life
living the haiku-ing fruits of
a generic poem for the human race.
tattoos on the firetree
you come and bring me shades
to start the ABC’s of courage
the melodious one-two-three
in your dandelion fingers
lighten up
mornings without sun.
your leaves
waving console and clever pokes
as i hide,
falling dripping tears
from heaven’s eyes
as i sit from your eroded roots.
your whistling hums
prompting rainbows
over the window pane,
as i pain for the crayon-twigs
fading emptying colors
of my written wishes.
the tattoos i etched on the trunk
sending me fireflies,
even on wheezy and windy days,
i will keep on saying,
i love you dad!
© Caroline ‘Ceri Naz’ Nazareno-Gabis

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