Poems by Opal Ingram

Poems by Opal Ingram


Me Too

Victim I am not
Me too.

I have been there
In fear

Me too

I have been said
Keep quiet.

Me too

I stood tall
when I felt

Me too

I hid
my thoughts

Me too

I believe you

No more
will I be a shame

Me too

I Survive
Just like you.


Against The Wind

They walked near a trail by the red tree branches and through a wooden area.

There they stood by the lime stone path
lined with flowers on the side of the trail.

As they stood there , the only noise was the echo of thunder for a beat .

He pulled her close, the wind from the water
caressed her shoulders , when she glanced up
at the sky she noticed the sky had turned an orange cloud less ember.

She wanted to wrap herself around him
The excitement he generated within her was
Passionate, they stood against the wind in
Each other arms, taking a chance she took a
Deep breath and let him kiss her.


Opal Ingram

3 thoughts on “Poems by Opal Ingram

  1. I grew up on the Lower East Side with opal Ingram we also attended school together as well as creative writing classes ….
    opals writings are passionate and have remained creative throughout the years what an honor to be her friend congratulations opal on your success!!!

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