Poems by Wanda Dusia Stańczak

Poems by Wanda Dusia Stańczak
Raspberry Juice
You were giving me raspberry juice
Whether I needed it or not
for good health
replacing sugar
with a smile with an aroma
of alabaster hands
you were giving me raspberry juide
in a transparent glass
once I wanted to sketch it
and could not find a pencil
with matchig color
you said with a smile
„there is no such pencil
I have colored this juice with love
We laughed for a long time
Why this is not funny to me
You colored it too much
Next to Us…
We regret the most, when things of importance
pass by, although they are so close
and nothing is left, and they could mean so much or everything
we regret the most when things of importance pass by like gossamer
see? It is gone, and only
unrecognised massive loss is left
we were to have everything
and only this terrible void is left
something has passed us by like a thread forever and inexorably…

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