Lily Swarn is the winner of the “”Special Prize “Frang Bardhi -2017” organised by Atunis Poetic Galaxy

Lily Swarn is the winner of the “”Special Prize “Frang Bardhi -2017” organised by Atunis Poetic Galaxy
A Rubik’s cube
That God created
Rubbing his hands with glee
A Venus statuesque
Curvaceous, mysterious
Myriad facets intricately woven
In silky brocade with gossamer golden threads on a hand crafted wooden loom
In the by lanes of Varanasi.
Compassionate, tender, like the insides of a baby coconut , dripping the snowy milk of human kindness
From her crystalline , benevolent heart
Honey tempered, hushed , dulcet tones
Muffled and snubbed by masculine brute force
Formidable reserves of patience tucked away
Beneath mushy sentiments
Heaving bubbling emotions
Frothing like Macbeth’s witches cauldron
Squandered away on insensitive souls
A veritable “Durga”,the next moment!
Ferocious female of the species
More deadly than the male!
Tempestuous , turbulent, dancing the “Tandav “
Often astride a roaring lion
Eyes ablaze, arms akimbo
Suave,untamed, feral,searing
Quite unlike Katherine the shrew
Who could easily be cowed down.
Well,Shakespeare could falter too!!
The Diva ,coquette,witch, muse
Both the tormenter and the
The mother , danseuse, goddess, home maker
And the bread winner! The proverbial cash cow!
The hues of love
The shades of godliness
Up with the lark
Busy as a bee
Woman, thou art Magnificent!
Thank God, I am a woman!!
Copyright Lily Swarn 4.2.2016
Jury for the competitons
Peter Tase, translator – President of Jury
Petrit Nika, poet, writer – Member
Mirela Papuçiu, poetess – Member
Dr. Geroge Onsy, poet- Member
Dr. T M Slay, poetess, writer- Member

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