Esteemed poetess of prominence and immortal poetic grace Rumpa Ray-Ghosh / Malaya Kumar Jati

Esteemed poetess of prominence and immortal poetic grace Rumpa Ray-Ghosh

Your excellent and high-quality poem titled Let me not… is apparently a beautiful composition heighligting the devastating influence of war which creates a kind of extreme abhorrence or detestation in the poetess and makes her all overish even not to breathe the air , touch the water and walk on the land that tells the gruesome story of hostility at its ugliest manifestation.The poetess realises that war is never a means to an end to end any sort of misfortunes or dilemmas but rather opens up gateways to untold miseries and endless torments or tortures .We lose arms and ammunition, money ,power, lives, peace and all kinds of prosperities and ameliorations and invite our downfalls, our self-destruction,our doomsdays and are obliged to live in a hell of abject penury or horripilating poverty.We deshape and deform our naturality by causing physical destruction to our land by filling it with smoke and fire to turn everything into ashes.Technology wins but humanity fails.We shatter our peace and invite our helplessness, hopelessness and lifelessness–our struggles before a tormenting and very painful death. War is never a solution .War is a demon that devours all our happiness,all our peace, bliss and ecstasy.We human beings should develop our creative sense to be far away from the holocust of war and any such largescale devastations. Kudos to you Rumpa ji for composing such a magnificent poem of illuminating nature which blows the conch of peace, bliss , humanistic feelings, altruistic attitudes, benevolent behaviours, philanthropic actions and reactions and all-embracing lovingness in this modern valley of unrest, despondency, animosity,bestiality and violence or limitless vengeance and callously terrible bloodshed to create a land of endless love, true affection, divine attachment , fragrant co-operation being tied in the sacred rope of universal brotherhood which our great and unique Indian Philosophy has been teaching the world from time immemorial…


Copyright@Malaya Kumar Jati
Reviewer, POEMarium
All Rights Reserved.06.03.19


Let me not…

Hostility and repugnance
Takes shape of revenge and animosity
The smoke of gunpowder pollutes the air
Let me not breathe it in…

Territories, norms, beliefs, customs separate
The hue of blood doesn’t discriminate
Water turns red with warriors’ blood
Let me not touch this water…

The land becomes dry and dusty
Covered with craters
Created by incessant bombings
Enmity rises and separates lands
Hearts are frozen in apprehension of dying humanity
Let me not walk on this land…


©Rumpa Ray-Ghosh

One thought on “Esteemed poetess of prominence and immortal poetic grace Rumpa Ray-Ghosh / Malaya Kumar Jati

  1. Short poem with a powerful message. It is futility of violence, bloodshed, hatred, the poet speaks of. Meaningful narrative.

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