Girl of waves / Poem by Adriatik Jaçe

Poem by Adriatik Jaçe


Girl of waves

Every day on the same gray rocky rock.
With the colors of pain, on her chest
Deep in the sea in the horizon…
Looks, from the coast the waves

When the waves hits the shore
Thousands of sparkling foam, on air..
Overhere by stones, like seagull
Messages of the sea she hears ..

She’s trying to look beyond,
Maybe,there from afar he’s coming
She can not leave the coast,
Afraid when he comes, he does not find her …

She wait there, between the rocks.
Crying .., has the sea embraced him?
But her soul, full of pain think…
“Will he comes,or in sea he will stay ?

© Adriatik Jaçe
All copyrights are reserved
Date: 02/26/2019.

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