Poems by Salman Fawaz Adewale

Poems by Salman Fawaz Adewale
Whereas this pace is an outbreak of mistakes,
The hazards we harbinger, this is brim of evil genius,
So far we’ve been treading the thread of this journey call life,
To carry the world on our chest this strive turns strife.
Only a drop is selfless in this ocean of flesh,
Ugly mess upon us in this blindness as we fish in mesh,
Parading round ourselves with shackles,
As we choke in belly of insanity, who dares chuckles?
A ‘times at a time aside we put our fertile favours,
Endosing fears to venture yearning ourselves futile endeavours,
This trending world is treading direction of confusion,
Sooner this distraction leads us to destruction.
These are nights we lured light beneath our feets,
Claiming to be rational, have we lost our sanity?
Treading the paths of darkness proclaiming new era,
We are lost in our paths, where are we even rushing to?
Often we neglect a part when we’re in a whole,
And we forget a part can destroy a whole,
Often we squander our affinity,
In this heedless world of mortality.
We are still working relentlessly for the sake of vanity,
What has happened to us all humanity?
We use this earth to gather our wealth,
What happens to this wealth when we shake hands with death?
(In the telling course)
I have travelled many roads,
Down the paved and horrible holes,
Where stars of lies appear by noon bright,
And the real ceases to come by night.
Who really knows maybe the truth is the deads?
in this world of flesh or maybe we have scorpions in our heads,
Who knows what transpired between the wise and the dafts,
The seers are the blinds in our page of drafts.
I remember the last time we dine ruthlessly,
As we wine restlessly we die rootlessly,
Who among us knows what tomorrows hold,
Our stories were rust and we had them untold.
The last time we were anguished in our ambush,
It was a patent patience to sell our birthright,
And into the darkest pit we were given a sudden push,
Hear us singing to mercy of dirge the caricature of our right.
Yet I still hope to travel more of these roads,
Maybe I forget all that has life shall die,
These memories I have long had,
Hearing the last whistle I shuttle my cork.

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