I WILL WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRAIN / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



The train stopped
The scenery was stunning
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.
It was only when I looked for some references
I saw that I was wrong at the station
I got off on the stop.
What do I do now
This is not my destination!

I bought the trip to India, bound for Mumbai
Land of mystery and ancestry!

A hummingbird whispered in my ear
And laughing, flew
I repeated the question, what do I do now?
-Get another train
-If I tell you, it’s not funny at all!

The hummingbird is right.
I’m going to Mumbai.

I was deceived by my senses
In this dog world, save yourself who can
With sensitivity under the skin
This definitely does not combine
I’ll follow birdie’s advice
Without expectations, letting me guide
To the taste of the perfumed breeze
Coming from the sea
With fragrant notes, from the resinous tears
Of the exotic blue pine trees
And from the foliage of the eucalyptus!

I’ll wait for the next train for sure
I want to finish the trip
Before leaving for the other shore!



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