The Creator’s Benevolence / Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
The Creator’s Benevolence
The sun was eloquent in its aggression,
Flaring with full opposition,
Showing its hostility towards the earthlings,
Enforcing an affiliation order to the wind making it feverish,
When the Unrestricted showed it its’ limitation,
It was brought to light, bright light!
There was a thunderous roar with cracking lightning,
As He ordered black broad clouds to cover sun’s hostility.
The sun at once submitted to the creator’s will,
Forgetting all about its arrogance and planned ill,
It just bowed and curtained itself with the clouds that were thunderous,
And equipped to bless all disregarding their being sinners or virtuous.
The feverish wind broke its alliance to the sun,
And supported the clouds to adhere to the creator’s call,
And became a blessing for the earthlings all.
It moved from all directions causing the clouds to thicken more,
It worked tirelessly and vigorously to make sure,
There was no more hostility and nothing to endure.
The thickened clouds could not control the outpour,
And the arid wells, barren lands and parched souls saw a cure.
The showers washed all raw and refined,
The rainbows made everything defined,
The symphony was loud and rhymed,
The creator’s actions were assuring and kind,
Maintaining His hold on the world and humankind,
Promising to keep all bountiful and supplied.

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