Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Integral be in integrity,
Ideal hearts deal of morality!
Impolite lack all nobility,
Impeccable impinge impiety!

Imprecise lack probity,
Impose opinion of inequity!
Imply sense in sensitivity,
Implement words of vitality!

Insight in leaders’ laxity,
Insidious as an eventuality!
Intend insensible polity,
Inset insertions of all falsity!

Intellect delve in curiosity
Intelligible for intelligibility!
Intentions always for unity,
Interlocking love of humanity!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 26/03/2019.



Heat seems making whole-body sweating,
Heating everything from tip to toe burning!
Haggard scenery surface in rains be hacking,
Hampered greenery ever colorful vanishing!

Hanky-panky of powerful, always politicking,
Heathern lives be dice for Kurukshetra waring!
Heavenly lives in all heath as genuine striving,
Hapless helplessness in cauldron self-serving!

Hanging sward upon masses poor be turning,
Haphazard right suffrage of adult franchising!?
Harsh truth for citizenry remains leaders lying,
Harum-scarum acts at higher office mandating!

Haze upon integrity of men and matters being,
Hazard of individual and society at large facing!
Head on nationally at all levels of progressing,
Haunt relentlessly; but for faith in All-pervading!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 25/03/2019


CHARY MIND,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Chary mind mine,
Chat with skies labyrinthine!
Chariot Lord thine,
Characteristically transpondine!

Cassock streamline,
Cavalcade in sky blues adamantine!
Clouds of libertine,
Cast sun and moon, as internecine!

Cascade silver line,
Casuist along melancholic skyline!
Casual in predestine,
Caracole mystic, as if in shoreline!

Canopy in candor line,
Canvass human hearts pristine!
Chivalry be sibylline,
Chiseled unfailingly in infantine!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 23/03/2019

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