Poems by Jean C. Bertrand

Poems by Jean C. Bertrand


Cryptic wind

Modern birds
Baffling, mysterious
Thunder, pitiless winds
Flying in the dark, striking
Hearts, bleeding tears
Voluminous, scary images,
Angels of darkness in the air
Smoking debris, terrifying faces
Tremendously unholy dance
Speechless rain, racing hearts
Uneasiness to fly, cuckoo steps
Growing pain, near and far.


The experiences

The experiences
The challenges, o, naked blue
A walking shadow, refraining
Rejecting spring’s dance
Pooh-pooh, ridiculing the fragrance of
Joyous festival, monotonous dance
Again and again in sunless valleys
Damn it, o , sweet, beauteous, butterfly.


The Poet’s dream

The Poet’s dream
Daily, dreaming, faithful, eagerness
Haunting nights and days
Crossing seas and oceans
Carefully, uplifting, the voicelessness
Longing in the hearts of
Forests, mountains, listening to
Mysterious, gracious, magical, happiness
Healthy winds, religious echoes, divine rays
Words of light, remedies of mirthful bliss
A mission to maintain, retaining peace
Dream of dreams, love and compassion.


Blessed leaves Cinderella

Blessed leaves Cinderella
The beauty of human race
Charmingly whistling with glee
Lovely mood, sweet harmony
Understanding solitude
Sky’s eye illuminating
Gaiety in the garden
Clearly glowing into your eyes
Glorious smile and laughter
Genuine gestures singing
The tender voice of wind
Collided with the rain
Sustaining the honey bliss
Pleasurable, sweet dance
Fine steps, leaves at mirth
Blessed by the rain.

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