Poems by Mary Lynn Luiz

Poems by Mary Lynn Luiz


Dance Forevermore

I looked up and there you were, entering the room!
My dream miraculously, coming into full bloom!
Where you a mirage, a figment of my imagination
I watched your every movement, with great anticipation!

So graceful, so poised, Elegant in every way!
Your radiance lit up my heart, I will surely pray!
Dare I move or breathe, you might vanish away!
The Vision before me captured my heart, in absolute sway!

As you move closer my heart is pounding,
I can’t hardly breathe; the feeling is overwhelming!
Could it possibly be, that you are going to ask me!
I have never danced with a dream before!

In that moment in time when your eyes met mine,
Heaven on earth had begun to shine!
As I twirled you across the dance floor,
all I knew was I wanted to dance forevermore!

©Mary Lynn Luiz – July 29, 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet


To Become Love

Oh, Spirit within me, shed your light
Into the darkest recesses of my heart.
Let me see who You, created me to be!

I seek Wisdom and Understanding!
I feel Your love as my soul cries out for You!
You hear my whispers of, “Oh, I need You!”

Covering me with Your Wings, instantly a buffering!
You wake me each morning to be a shining ray of light,
To a world so dark with wickedness, evil and strife!

All around me there is bitterness, crying and weeping!
You are my strength, my Advocate, ever for me, interceding!
My happiness is but a moment, then quickly is fleeting!

Yet with gratitude my heart, worships and praises You!
Joy floods my soul, to know, You will always see me through,
You will never leave me! Many times, miserably, I failed you!

Keep me humble! To serve You by serving others!
To be obedient to Your Voice, most gentle and subtle,
Alone, in the quiet stillness, You restore my Hope!

I choose willingly, to let Your Love flow through me.
Teach me Lord, through Your Grace and Mercy,
To become Love, as You Are Love to me!

©Mary Lynn Luiz- March 23, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet

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