Your Intrusion / Poem by Swapna Behera

Poem by Swapna Behera


Your Intrusion

Dear Infinite sky
Your intrusion;
In that moment of ecstasy
When in the volcano
of my silent Calcification
I might be sleeping
with my wet Mekhala
my breasts looking straight to your eyes
Droplets or oceans will be drizzling
You will forget your pride
And come with prudent steps
My rabid/insane physique
travelling to ethereal
You will speak ,I will listen
You will listen and I will speak
Or else may be both be in silent mode
Playing the chessboard of breathing
Time will halt on the twinkling sheets of stars
Both will be baptised to pour ego
Friend of mine ;
the dignity of my nudity
You will wrap with vowels
My desolate body in obsession
Will be singing Invocation
While I will be adorning my immersion

All words, dictums or amour
Will be collecting the wages
Creation in a new posture
of coition will be ordained
But I will be so restless to breathe
You will cater months ,years
and moments in the casket
Well ,that is your intrusion to my soul
Dear infinite sky !!!!

copyright@Swapna Behera

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