My Queen / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
My Queen
Lo behold!
For here comes my Queen
To rule over minds, every hearts to win
She is flesh and alive
As each layers into her you dive
You find her anew
So very raw, so very true.
Sometimes she is orthodox, sometimes modern
At times she can be jovial, if needed strict and stern.
For my Queen is made up of blood and sweat
You can find her smile with her eyes moist and wet
She stands strong
Against all odds and wrong
But then she can break
At one slightest shake
By the betrayal or departure in life’s long run
Of disloyalty or death of beloved ones .
My Queen is beautiful inside out,
Don’t you raise a question, never you doubt
Tall or short, let her be fat or thin
She carries herself with her high held chin
With an air of sophisticated confidence
This Queen will stand no nonsense.
My Queen cries and laughs,
However life maybe tough
Sometimes a simple highland lass or a chic city girl
With straight, smooth hairs or lots of twists and curls.
Here the Queen lies in the heart of every woman
Who treats her King with all her love and respect as she can.
For this Queen lives in you and me
It takes only a new mindset to see
She works, she plays
Keeps all worries at bay
OurQueen loves and makes love too
There is so muchthat she can do
She is today’s Queen, so don’t you dare
To mess with her, coz she never care.

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