Poems by Tony Delgadillo

Poems by Tony Delgadillo


(Multi rhymed triplets) (four rhymes per line)

All the glory in feeling grateful for existence,
has a story, freeing, tasteful, love insistence;
allegory of being graceful…life persistence.

When somebody looking up smiles times seven,
heart and body are hooking up some miles of heaven,
that nobody in cooking finds those styles of leaven.

What exciting is that wine and luscious plate,
which no writing could define its gracious state,
for when starting may decline the precious date.

Love-bound times become the temple where they blossom,
the found lines where come some samples of that kingdom…
profound rhymes that are examples of such wisdom.

©Copyright 2019
J.A.V.D. Texas, USA



Spring inside, as deW,
Takes its part in life of whO,
Inspirated by spirit gets reborN
And returns to innocence of chilD.
Wonders happen! A vivifying forcE
Awaiting is liberated, and a greateR
Experience comes to the scene aS
Consciousness. Wisdom manA
Rains from the heaven withiN
On quitting power in worlD,
For all solitude is A


Magical spring inside, as dew, takes its part in life of who, inspirated by spirit gets reborn and returns to innocence of child. Wonders happen! A vivifying force awaiting is liberated, and a greater experience comes to the scene as consciousness. Wisdom mana rains from the heaven within on quitting power in world, for all solitude is a reviver.

Clockwise circular acrostic phrase: MAGICAL WONDERS AND A REVIVER FORCE AWAITS

©Copyright 2019
All Rights Reserved
J.A.V.D. Texas USA

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