Poems by Tian Yu

Poems by Tian Yu
Half an acre of sunset
Half an acre of sunset,
Plant in the place where the flowers blossom lonely.
Although autumn is close to skin,
Spring is about to kiss your face.
Half an acre of sunset,
Planted in a romantic distance.
The future,
though unpredictable,
Now let oneself be sunny.
Half an acre of sunset,
Open the wings of tolerance.
She embraced the green water-like stars and fluorescents.
Let every rose wander like water only.
Half an acre of sunset,
Blooming a warm embrace.
Shaking the passing years,
That kind of regret
is a kind of happiness as well as a desire for me.
Seeing Sunk More and More
Easy to get in,
But it’s hard to get out.
There seems to be a track.
There seems to be no road.
Easy to watch.
But dare not stay.
There is a door to loneliness.
There is no end to happiness.
Every night,
The moon is a reflection.
Heart is scorched earth.
If you have no depth of beauty,
Romantic theme,
It’s better to have nothing.
The river in Spring,It’s in my Memory
The waves of blue,
Like the pine billows of the clouds.
The joy and slight sorrow,
Aren’t too little.
The writing is too fast,
The heartbeat is too loud.
The changing scenery on both sides,
It’s so airy and low.
The beauty of the heaven ,
Flowers‘ land of the south.
Gently her smiling face,
Has surrounded me with abow.
The boats on the river,
Like agirl’s smile,
The warm in March,
It comes back to my memory now.

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