Nehat Jahiu


Nehat Jahiu

Nehat Jahiu


Nehat Jahiu was born on 10 October 1951 in Orizare village, Likova township. He attended primary school in his village, gymnasium in Presheva and Pedagogic Higher School (Albanian Language and Literature Department) in Gjakova. He worked at the “Faik Konica” Primary School in the Sllupcan village. He began to write in primary school. Since the beginning of his work until today he wrote especially children’s poems, but also poems for adults. He also wrote journalism, literary essays, sketches, reviews and stories. He collaborated with many newspapers, magazines throughout Albania and Albanian diaspora. He is Honorary Founder for the “Karadak Echo” Writers’ Club in Kumanova and member of the Presidium, founder and member of the editorial board of the “Doruntina” journal, founder and vice president of the Writers from Likova Village, co-founder and member of the League of Albanian Writers in Macedonia, member of the Union of Albanian Writers, Artists and Creators in Sweden, member of the “Pegasi” International League of Poets, Writers and Artists in Albania, present in several anthologies in Albania and abroad.

Until now he published the following books:
1. “In your eyes” – 1982
2. “the Hearts’ Bridge” – 1985
3. “The Doves’ Flight” – 1980
4. “We Melted Longing For You” – 1993
5. “Laro Dances!” – 1994
6. “Little Owl” – 1995
7. “Open The Gate, My School!” – 1995
8. “Lyrical Epitaph” – 2000
9. “You Have Your Root In This Illyrian Land” – 2005
10 . “Confusion on the Roof” – 2005
11. “For Generations in Struggle for the Albanian School”– 2008
12. “Flori de mac pe mormânt” – 2010
13. “Orizare over the centuries” – 2010
14. “The Right Way” – 2011
15. “The Fairy and the Stone” – 2011
16. “Poems for Friend Sadulla Zendel-Daja”- 2012
17. “Grandmother’s Attic”- 2012
18. “The Sunbeam from the Window” – 2013
19. “The Butterfly Wings” – 2013
20. “The Moon Became the Bride” – 2013
21. “Birdsong” – 2013
22. “The Dawn of Freedom” – 2016
23. “Freedom Still Comes” – 2016
24. “The Albanian Son” – 2016
25. “Human Impressions for a Special Man” – 2016
26. “The Freedom Dawns” – 2016
27.”Is freedom coming”- 2016




Translated by  Patrica  LIDIA





I grew up on the lands

where snow and flowers dwell,

Orizare gave me hunger

In front of a poor hut.


The Albanian letter gave me

ribbon for youthful heart,

the songs about fighters gave me

the strength and solace of the blessing.

I grew up on the lands where there are

more monuments and blood then mud.

The love river flows

in my grizzled, manly chest.

The lyrics for the fighters have made

My heart mortgage, testament with words of fire

Like the ramparts that ask for

strong and experienced fighters.


They were part of our life,

our absent hunger.

They were the anagram of hearts

with songs like an ocean

No, it is not a legend

from the centuries with resurrected warriors

It was true history

which passed over days


It was the Albanian letter

which gave us the sky.

In the cemetery’s graves

there is no season, oblivion or winter.

In the upcoming spring

empurple flowers go.

In our hands are placed

collars of an unforgettable time.


Oh, I do not come from centuries,

from years, from fairy tales,

They are on our land that has

the eternal crown of Freedom

they revive in their lives

all the tracks from the ruins.

I have in my hands the deity

That shines the bright torch.



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