Poems by Luz María López

Luz María López ATUNIS foto

Poems by Luz María López





the Atlantic Ocean murmurs
were there all the time
to serenade us
the same waters
that washes the shores
of my island Puerto Rico
i know her and she knows me
the blues and the salty
millenarian parfume…..
but suddenly it seemed
new to me.


Luz María López
The Road to Ghana
Photo by Santosh Bakaya
18th of May 2016 at Accra, Ghana.






colorful fish bathing in the bluest sea
peaceful fishermen reaching the quiet sea
blue sea hugs little boats trapped in a battle field
huge ships armored with war speak greed
guns fire hate bullets to the unarmed workers
little fish still bathing in the bluest sea
little children go hungry somewhere
far from the blue sea
powerless eyes cry over
and nobody sees!!!!


Luz María López
Puerto Rico
Scarborough Shoal for Filipinos
Dedicated to the fishermen from Philippines.


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