There had been a time … There had been a time / Poems by Moniak Dutta

moinak dutta

Poems by Moniak Dutta



There had been a time … There had been a time

When me and sister mine
Had that ritual to go
To the pier and there
we would throw
The lines with hooks
Into the river,
It surely us took
To a different dusk,
Me and sister there
Spent time like anglers
There in the setting sun’s
Golden rays we would bask,

Some seagulls and doves
Also would there gather
They would chirp, tweet,
Send the air aflutter,

We would wait there
As two patient beings
Staring still at the water
Waiting forever as if waiting,

Not far away from the pier
From the terrace of our house there
Uncle would keep a watch over us
Time we thus at the pier just passed,

And the river already turned magical
By colors of the dusk as they upon her did fall,
Murmured softly songs of the eve,
Me and sister at the pier as our plays did keep,

Oft it would not take long for one’s fishing line
To become taut and by the sudden tug
We would surely know the fish had got
Into its mouth the worm, and we would shrug
All our patience and calm, we would fill the air,
Shouting our little joy, finding fish hooked there,

And the dusk would by then turn
Into an evening dark and deep
We made then a return
To our house with a haul of a fish or two
River had by then caught the blackish hue,

My sister would sing a song way back
I would be happily following her track,
And uncle from the terrace would show us light
His big torch catching us there bright,
Father would be amazed to see the fish
And we would request mother to serve us with a dish
That would be the proper culmination
Of our efforts as anglers at the pier so stationed,

The house would become agog with tales,
Of catching fish of various kinds, as the night fell.



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