Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH



From Beyond the Rainy Clouds 


As I walk and walk and walk
Sometimes in available shades
Sometimes in heavenly drizzles
I look above and contemplate beyond

There is an empty space out there
Where science still explores
And sages wandered afore
A place of ancient yore

No one remembers about this divine cycle
Of water, vapour clouds and rain happening
May be it’s a reason why we took for granted
The abundance of water to be punished thence

The Rain God smiles as we rejoice in the rain
Yet unmindful of the drying oceans and rivers
The Rain God smiles as we quench our eternal thirst
Yet unmindful of how we do not respect the abundance

We write so much about ocean in a drop
And a drop in an ocean, as mere relativity
Unmindful of the inherent reality therein
Time and space remain constant since ages

What expanded is our desires and wants
What changed is our needs in to greed
What transformed is our surrender into plunder
Yet the Rain God Smiles and keeps blessing

Will we ever value our needs and curb the wants?
Thinking this and more I walk and walk and walk



Different Perspectives 


Different objectives and different paths
Lead us to different places and times
As I look at the brush in my hands
I ponder the same hands on someone else
Hold the hull, some hold a flag
Some hold a baton, some hold a needle
Some hold a stethoscope, while some
Dearly hold the books of knowledge
Some fold their hands in gratitude
Some open their hands in compassion
Some close their hands in surrender
Some grip their hands in struggle
And once again I ponder what then
Remains constant that drives our lives
Isn’t it the zeal or seeking or wanderings
Through life’s myriad blissful paths
Then when and why and how and for what
Did the same divine hands get hold
Of means of destruction instead of creation.



The Solitary Dining Table 


As I walk and walk and walk
I think how many things we overlook
In our daily rush of living a life
And how many things need our attention

As I was playing with my puppy
It ran and hid beneath the table
Evening it is and time was approaching
For assembling for a sumptuous meal

I look at the Solitary dining table
A place where life comes alive
Two or three times a day
When all the loved ones munch

Oh this modern times and our life
None seems to be able to relax
In our pursuit of goals and objectives
Running day in and day out

Some HIs some hellos reverberate
Through the day’s busy hours
Seldom there is time for soul talk
Save but for the meet on the table

Where we share day’s rushes
Our obstacles, misses, mini wins
Moments of tiredness and smiles
We share some silly jokes too

The plates and platters clinking
Tastes are savoured and lisped
A pat on the back of Mom
A smile from Dad to behold

And all through these happy moments
The dining table finds a reason to BE
For it becomes the solitary witness
Of family sharing laughter and smiles

In reverence of our blessings of creativity
I rejoice and savour these gems of togetherness
As I revert back to the moments of nows
And I walk and walk and walk.



Unexpressed Poems 


As I walk and walk and walk
A thought occurs on the horizon
What have I been expressing
What have I not expressed

And I glance at my divine muse
Which was once again ever smiling
But this time with a sense of vary
As if to test and inquire into my query

As always I had to follow the signals
And make it up for myself to answer
This leads me to my inner world
Of feelings and emotions and sentiments

My beliefs, my perceptions and honesty
My reflections my reactions and travesty
Etched somewhere in between lies
The answers beneath the inner sky

Love, compassion, positivity, negativity
Fear, angst, directions, realizations and integrity
Have I not expressed many a times?
Through this little journey of miles

Yet why I feel there is something amiss
Yet why I sense there is something held
Deep down the heart’s crevices
Awaiting light to touch and open up

The doors of creativity still askance
Feels of life’s untouched planes
Reflections of suppressed taboos
Still lurking at large within

Do I need courage or do I need let go?
Do I need belief, or do I need to forgo?
Do I need to be vary of the reactions?
Or do I need just to BE and express

Oh the Dilemmas innumerable
And once again my glance falls
On my smiling muse serene
And I for once receive the answer

A smile in heart, a spark in eyes
Is all I need to live the moment
And do what I can to be grateful
With content in my heart
I walk and walk and walk.


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